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  • A Call to Protect the Health of Women Who Donate Their Eggs
    The egg market is growing. As couples and individuals continue to rely on assisted reproductive technology to overcome infertility, to make parenthood possible for gay people, and for other reasons, the demand for eggs is increasing swiftly.1 Between 2000 and 2010, the number of donor eggs used for in vitro fertilization increased about 70 percent, from 10,801 ...
  • A Tale of Two Condoms
    What do female condoms have in common with bone-grafting material, replacement heart valves, and cochlear implants? If you’re thinking not much, you’d be right. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t agree. When it approved the FC2 “female condom” in 2009, the FDA assigned it the highest-risk classification for medical devices: Class III. This ...
  • Abortion Disconnect
    Whenever I hear a pro-choice politician say, “No one is pro-abortion,” I want to shout, “Excuse me but I’m pro-abortion, and I am not alone.”  I’m pro-abortion in the same way I’m pro-organ transplant or any other medical procedure: when you need one, you should be able to get one.  The fuzzy thinking that even ...
  • Are Our Values Showing? (We Hope So!)
    I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I do; it includes a selection of interesting articles and commentary on cutting-edge issues.  A couple of articles, “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game: Drug Pricing in America” and “Abortion Disconnect” directly address high-profile issues that are in the news on a daily basis. Our feature ...
  • At the Court: Women’s Rights At Stake
    The U.S. Supreme Court is considering two cases that could profoundly impact women’s rights and access to essential reproductive health care services. The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in both cases in March. This article gives you an update on those cases; we will also report on the final decisions (expected by July) and next ...
  • Biology, Family Planning & Feminism: A Millennial’s Take
    I’m fortunate to be part of a generation of women raised to believe in our equality. I grew up learning I could be whatever I wanted; would have a long, successful career; and could support myself without relying on anyone else. As my generation ages, we’re living up to these ideals: we have education, fulfilling ...
  • Communicating with Your Health Care Provider
    It’s 10:30 in the morning and you’ve already been waiting for an hour to see your doctor. You’re called back and complete intake questions with a nurse, highlight the main reason for your visit. Then you wait another 30 minutes before the doctor enters your exam room. You may feel rushed to answer the doctor’s ...