Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use as a Personal Lubricant

Is coconut oil an acceptable lubricant? I am 78 and experiencing regular dryness.   Coconut oil is an oil extracted from mature coconuts. It is used for a variety of reasons, some of which may seem unconventional, but primarily used for cooking and beauty purposes. A simple internet search will reveal that in addition to … Continued

Menopause and Sexuality

For most people, at least some aspects of sexuality decline with age, such as level of desire or frequency of sexual activity. There are many biologic and non-biologic reasons this happens, including a person’s general well-being and health, lifestyle, as well as interpersonal and psychosocial factors (like the quality of a relationship, or mental health … Continued

Strategies for Staying Sexual After Menopause

When was the last time you heard a joke suggesting that sex invariably goes ever downhill or totally crashes after menopause? Like yesterday? This concept was boldly reaffirmed — without reference to reliable research — at a conference on menopause held by the National Institutes of Health in 2005! So, if you ask your doctor … Continued