Let’s talk about female barrier methods this Valentine’s Day.

Internal Condom Internal condoms (also known as female condoms) are soft plastic pouches that you can insert into your vagina or anus to protect against pregnancy and STIs. Like external condoms—also  called male condoms—they create a barrier that prevents ejaculation (cum) from entering the vagina or anus. When worn correctly, they offer the same protection … Continued

I have breast implants and over the last 2 and a half years I have developed over 30 illness symptoms. I came across a group called ‘breast implant illness’ and to my surprise there are thousands of women suffering in silence like me! I need more information on BII and the risks of breast implants.

We agree that more needs to be done to protect people against unnecessary harm caused by silicone gel-filled breast implants. Implants have been on the market for more than 30 years, and during that time they’ve been used by millions of women, and yet, we still don’t know exactly what kind of problems they can … Continued

I’ve got a question about estrogen creams. My provider has recommended I use Estrace vaginal cream and I wanted to check in about the carcinogenic effects of doing something like this.

Some postmenopausal women experience vaginal pain or discomfort when they have intercourse or a gynecological exam. Vaginal tissues can become thinner after menopause, causing dryness and itching. For some women, regular intercourse or other sexual stimulation is enough to keep the vagina supple, while other women find that vaginal lubricants prevent discomfort that might otherwise … Continued

Have you ever heard of AlgaeCal? I’m being deluged with ads saying any nutrient supplied in natural form such as from plants is better absorbed than nutrients supplied from rocks.

AlgaeCal is a calcium supplement produced by AlgaeCal Inc. that is made from red algae. AlgaeCal claims that their supplements slow bone loss, increase bone density, and are easily digestible. They say that because the algae plant draws calcium and minerals from seawater, the calcium is “pre-digested” and is more bio-accessible and “bone cell friendly.” … Continued

What is PrEP?

Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, also known as PrEP, is when people take medicine to lower their risk of getting HIV. HIV works by hijacking healthy immune system cells and using them to produce more of the virus. PrEP prevents the virus from taking hold and starting that process. Currently, a combination of two HIV drugs, tenofovir and … Continued

How much time is acceptable to spend waiting in the ER for women? I often find that my pain and circumstances are seen as “exaggerated” by doctors.

Emergency room patients are supposed to be immediately assessed and treated according to the urgency of their condition. The average ER patient in the U.S. waits around 28 minutes before they are seen by a doctor, but for most women, getting properly diagnosed and treated is more complicated than it should be. You may feel … Continued

How will Donald Trump’s new rules on birth control affect me?

On October 6, 2017, the Trump Administration published two new rules, effective immediately, undermining the Affordable Care Act requirement that insurance plans cover all 18 FDA-approved methods of birth control without copay or deductible. The new rules allow most employers to strip birth control coverage from their employees for religious reasons or for undefined “moral … Continued

Using Birth Control to Regulate or Skip Your Period

Is is safe for me to skip my periods using birth control? Many women may want to skip their periods for a number of reasons, such as travel, a busy week, painful menstruation, etc. The good news is: Doctors say it’s just as healthy to skip your period each month as it is to have … Continued

Migraines During Your Period

Why do I always get migraines when I’m on my period? Is there anything I can take to prevent these headaches?   Migraines are a fairly common experience when you’re on your period. A migraine is a severe form of headache that can cause pulsating, throbbing pain, usually on one side of the head, which … Continued

Birth Control After Childbirth

After I give birth, how soon do I need to resume my birth control to prevent getting pregnant again?   It’s possible to become pregnant very soon after having a baby, so it’s Important for new moms to think ahead about their postpartum birth control plan. It’s still possible to become pregnant even if you’re … Continued