Pregnant and Scared? How fake clinics prey on women

You’ve probably seen ads for “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs, also called “pregnancy resource centers”), those fake clinics designed to appear like real comprehensive reproductive health clinics. Sometimes they set up right next to real clinics, mimicking the real clinic’s name and logo. They advertise under “abortion services,” burying in fine print that they don’t really … Continued

Let Women Get the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone) from Pharmacies

In exciting news this week, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the FDA in an effort to remove medically unnecessary barriers and make medication abortion more accessible. Since its approval in France in 1987, scientists and doctors have known that medication abortion, also called abortion with pills, is a safe and … Continued

RX for Change: Abortion Disconnect

Whenever I hear a pro-choice politician say, “No one is pro-abortion,” I want to shout, “Excuse me but I’m pro-abortion, and I am not alone.”  I’m pro-abortion in the same way I’m pro-organ transplant or any other medical procedure: when you need one, you should be able to get one.  The fuzzy thinking that even … Continued

Lift the Bans for All of Us

The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) was founded in 1975, at a time when many women’s health activists felt encouraged by the changes they saw in reproductive health care. The organization’s early years coincided with the start of the modern era of legal abortion in the United States. Following the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v … Continued

Fighting for the Health & Rights of Pregnant Women

It’s safe to say that women want a voice in decisions that will affect their lives – to be able to consider their options and have their choices respected. Women receive better health care when they’re actively engaged in making decisions about their health. Women’s health activists know this and have long advocated for an … Continued


Individuals who live in areas with high income inequality are more likely to need to be re-admitted to the hospital after experiencing a serious illness. A three-year study analyzed 3.2 million Medicare beneficiaries who were admitted to the hospital for heart attack, heart failure, or pneumonia. These patients were admitted to 4,500 hospitals nationwide. The … Continued

Young Feminist: Conservative Feminists?

Many things in this world baffle my mind: IKEA furniture manuals, the Twilight series, “the cloud,” among other things. But, as a young feminist, one of the things that confuses me the most is the strange hypocrisy of young conservative women (“anti-feminists,” if you will1) who self-identify as “anti-choice feminists.” The fact that any young … Continued

Can We Turn Back the War on Women?

The Virginia woman’s hand-made sign summed it up: “I Can’t Believe I’m Still Having to Protest This Shit!” The pro-choice majority is astounded by the tidal wave of vitriolic attacks on reproductive health, rights, justice, and on women’s dignity, that constitute the War on Women. These include legislative proposals mandating intrusive and humiliating vaginal ultrasounds … Continued