Warning Signs of Endometriosis

My daughter has been complaining of painful periods. What are some red flags that this is not typical menstrual pain but something more serious like endometriosis? Painful periods, also known as dysmenorrhea, are the most commonly reported menstrual disorder. More than half of all women who menstruate say they experience some pain each month during … Continued

What to do About My Irregular Periods

On average how long, will I have irregular periods? I have one, then none for several months, then regular for a few months, then the cycle repeats.   Irregular periods can be quite normal, depending on what stage of life you are in. If you just started menstruating, your body’s hormones can fluctuate and may … Continued

Menstrual Suppression

What woman hasn’t at least occasionally wished she could avoid having her period? For decades some women have taken their traditional birth control pills on a non-traditional schedule in order to manipulate the timing of their periods – for example, to avoid menstruating during a vacation, athletic competition or another important personal event. There are … Continued

Snapshots – May/June 2015

Girls who consume a lot of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB) may menstruate earlier. Researchers conducted a prospective study of 5,583 girls aged 9-14, from 1996 to 2001. None of the girls had started their period when the study began; follow-up questionnaires were collected in 2003 and 2005. On average, girls reported having their first period (menarche) … Continued

What Not to Pack…Your Period

The summer months are quickly approaching, and for many, that long awaited vacation to the beach are right around the corner. But for most women, one thing remains constant as the seasons change: their period. Many women experience the anxiety of planning a vacation and then later realizing it coincides with their period. For some … Continued

Menstruation and Female Body Perception: Asana to Acceptance

Yoga has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry catering mostly to the female population. While much of yoga has been adapted to fit the needs of modern women, some out-of-date recommendations remain.  There is no agreement in the yoga community about whether women need to avoid inversions (i.e., headstands, handstands etc.) during menstruation. Unfortunately, this … Continued

Young Feminist: Riding the Crimson Wave

  As a biological process, the onset of menstruation is one of the most conventional markers of adulthood for people who have a uterus. Yet, even though approximately half of the people in the world menstruate, the process remains stigmatized and unmentionable in most parts of the world — including in developed countries like the … Continued