Using Birth Control to Regulate or Skip Your Period

Is is safe for me to skip my periods using birth control? Many women may want to skip their periods for a number of reasons, such as travel, a busy week, painful menstruation, etc. The good news is: Doctors say it’s just as healthy to skip your period each month as it is to have … Continued

Is Skipping Your Period Safe

My daughter has bad menstrual cycles. Her doctor has recommended she take birth control pills to stop her period, is that safe?   The National Women’s Health Network supports women who are interested in decreasing the frequency of their periods (menstrual cycle) or even stopping their periods entirely. This practice is called “menstrual suppression.” There are … Continued

Menstrual Suppression

What woman hasn’t at least occasionally wished she could avoid having her period? For decades some women have taken their traditional birth control pills on a non-traditional schedule in order to manipulate the timing of their periods – for example, to avoid menstruating during a vacation, athletic competition or another important personal event. There are … Continued

What Not to Pack…Your Period

The summer months are quickly approaching, and for many, that long awaited vacation to the beach are right around the corner. But for most women, one thing remains constant as the seasons change: their period. Many women experience the anxiety of planning a vacation and then later realizing it coincides with their period. For some … Continued