What Can the Women’s Health Initiative Tell Us About How to Age Healthfully? Low Fat Diet, Hormone Therapy & Calcium: Which One Works, and for What? (Part II)

This multi-part series explores the background behind the establishment of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) and the major findings for women’s health on the benefits of various interventions. Part I addresses the WHI’s background and describes findings on low fat diets. This section looks at what we’ve learned from the WHI about menopause hormone therapy … Continued

Getting Burned: Radiation Exposure from CT Scans

Do you know that radiation exposure from one “CAT” scan can be equivalent to the dose received by some survivors of the Nagasaki atomic bombing? No? Chances are, neither does your doctor. Everyone is exposed to some radiation from rocks, radon, cosmic rays, food, and water. The average background radiation exposure from natural radiation in … Continued