Graham-Cassidy: the Most Radical Trumpcare Bill Yet

Senate Republicans are making one last push to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and gut Medicaid and their latest Trumpcare bill known as Graham-Cassidy is the most radical one yet! Pushed by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), the bill repeals the ACA’s consumer protections, allowing insurance companies to once again discriminate … Continued

The Trumpcare #zombiebill is back!

  Like the zombie in a bad horror movie that keeps rising, again and again, the Trumpcare bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is once again threatening our health care. With Donald Trump’s 100th day in office just two days away, the media-obsessed White House has been in a panic to notch a … Continued

The True Price of Prescription Drug Hikes!

Filling a prescription at the pharmacy is something most of us have had to do. For some that trip only occurs when that dreaded infection hits, but for others, it’s a common occurrence. Whether it was learning about the expense of that simple antibiotic or realizing the drug you are currently taking has doubled or … Continued

Help Close the Gap in Louisiana

I’m so impressed by the wonderful women’s health supporters in Louisiana fighting to expand access to health care for hundreds of thousands more people. A strong coalition of women’s and consumer health activists persuaded the Louisiana legislature to hold a hearing tomorrow (May 6th at 9:30am) on a Medicaid Expansion bill that could close the … Continued

50 Years of Inequality is Enough

Should your eligibility for health care coverage depend on your zip code? That doesn’t make sense does it? But it’s true. For too many women, health care coverage depends on where they live. If you and your partner have one child, and you live in Arkansas, you can qualify for Medicaid if you make less than $27,000. … Continued

Women Won…Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Insurance

In a deeply gratifying 6-3 King v. Burwell ruling, the Supreme Court decided today to affirm access to health insurance subsidies to all residents of the U.S. regardless of whether or not they live in states that have created their own health exchanges. In the five years since its enactment, the ACA has made vitally … Continued


A Dept. of Veteran Affairs (VA) study found that few female service members who experience sexual assault seek post-assault health care, despite clear needs and the military’s (slowly) growing awareness of this issue. The study examined 1,339 servicewomen: 207 (15%) reported being sexually assaulted during military service, but just 33% sought health care related to … Continued

Your Health Insurance is At Risk

Any day now the Supreme Court Justices will hand down their decision on the King v. Burwell case. If the Court decides against us, millions of low income women and families will lose their health insurance subsidies. The plaintiffs are trying to undermine the clear intention of the law to provide insurance subsidies to everyone … Continued

I’m Mad as Hell…and I’m Going to Vote

I’ll say it again: I’m mad as hell — and I’m going to vote! I’m just plain furious about recent attacks on women’s health. From the Supreme Court to the state legislature, women’s health is being undermined by decisions that limit our ability to get the services and coverage we need in order to maintain … Continued