Prescription for Change: Refuse InFuse

By Charlea Massion and Adriene Fugh-Berman We all know that some pharmaceutical companies put their own corporate profits ahead of patient safety. But, those companies don’t have a lock on this behavior — here’s an example of a medical device company that has also compromised patient safety. InFuse is a genetically engineered protein (rh–BMP–2 or … Continued

RX for Change: Excuse Me, Is that a Metal-on-Metal Device You’re Wearing?

Hip replacement, a surgical procedure where the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic device, is usually done to relieve severe pain and mobility problems in a natural joint damaged by arthritis or trauma. Usually, both the “ball” (i.e., femoral head) and “socket” (i.e., acetabulum) are replaced, with excellent results. Unsuccessful hip replacement, however, can … Continued

The Real Danger of NuvaRing

If you’ve read recent media coverage about NuvaRing, you could be excused for thinking that that the contraceptive ring is deadly and should be yanked off the market immediately. But hold on. A Vanity Fair article from early 2014 focused heavily on lawsuits alleging harms from the device — especially from dangerous blood clots.1 What that … Continued

Has Your Hip Been Recalled?

When cars, baby cribs, or even microwaves are recalled because there’s a safety problem or the product doesn’t work, you can check the unique serial number on your car, crib, or microwave to immediately discover if the one you own has been recalled, or if there’s no need for you to worry. Having systems that … Continued

Device Marketing to Doctors, In and Out of the OR

By her early 30s, bone disease had deteriorated Katie Korgaokar’s hip so, in 2006, she had surgery to get a DePuy ASRTM metal-on-metal prosthetic hip replacement. The new metal hip prosthesis had been hailed as an innovation that would be more durable, and enable Katie to have more mobility, than a traditional plastic prosthesis. In … Continued