Conflating anti-science agendas: anti-abortion is not an argument for anti-vaccination

By Tessa Ruff In Kentucky this spring, unvaccinated eighteen-year-old Jerome Kunkel sued the Northern Kentucky Health Department when he was blocked from participating in his school’s basketball team following a chickenpox outbreak at his private Catholic school. The health department had implemented a three-week ban for unvaccinated students to attend classes or participate in extracurricular … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G spots Seventy-two hours is a long time to wait for anything — especially vital health care! So we applaud Missouri Governor Jay Nixon for vetoing an anti-choice bill that would have increased the state’s waiting period for abortion care from 24 to a whopping 72 hours. Governor Nixon, a Democrat, has played a vital role … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots Women made up 54 percent of people enrolling in health insurance plans through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces by the end of 2013. That’s a total of more than 1.1 million women with new health insurance plans, nationwide. We are proud of this success, which we helped foster through the Raising Women’s Voices … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots In November, the U.S. Supreme Court helped strike down the harmful anti-choice “Oklahoma Ultrasound Act,” which forced a woman to have an ultrasound and be shown the images before she could have a medical abortion. The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case means that a lower court ruling overturning the law will … Continued

Lift the Bans for All of Us

The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) was founded in 1975, at a time when many women’s health activists felt encouraged by the changes they saw in reproductive health care. The organization’s early years coincided with the start of the modern era of legal abortion in the United States. Following the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots The Dept. of Justice updated its sexual assault examination guidelines to include a new protocol specifying that health care providers should offer all rape survivors Emergency Contraception at the time of their examination. The guidelines dictate that any provider who refuses to offer EC due to “religious or moral beliefs” must provide the … Continued

Young Feminist: Conservative Feminists?

Many things in this world baffle my mind: IKEA furniture manuals, the Twilight series, “the cloud,” among other things. But, as a young feminist, one of the things that confuses me the most is the strange hypocrisy of young conservative women (“anti-feminists,” if you will1) who self-identify as “anti-choice feminists.” The fact that any young … Continued

Billboards, Women of Color, and Politics

Accentuated and airbrushed, often young and Caucasian, female body parts are displayed on billboards throughout the U.S. as a staple marketing technique to attract consumers’ attention and dollars. Feminists have long critiqued the way this advertising strategy objectifies women, but the strategy took a twist when a controversial billboard made national news after it was … Continued