Graham-Cassidy: the Most Radical Trumpcare Bill Yet

Senate Republicans are making one last push to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and gut Medicaid and their latest Trumpcare bill known as Graham-Cassidy is the most radical one yet! Pushed by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA), the bill repeals the ACA’s consumer protections, allowing insurance companies to once again discriminate … Continued

The Heated Battle for Healthcare

By Allyson Paiewonsky, NWHN Communications Intern On a hot June day in D.C, I headed to a rally on Capitol Hill to save healthcare with three other summer interns from the National Women’s Health Network. We saw group of protesters waving signs urging the Senate to protect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and save Medicaid. … Continued

The National Women’s Health Network Celebrates Senate’s Failure to Pass ACA Repeal

For Immediate Release: Contact: Sarah Christopherson, Telephone: (202) 796-3065 The National Women’s Health Network Celebrates Senate’s Failure to Pass ACA Repeal Washington, D.C. – After a dramatic late night vote to repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) failed 49 to 51, Senate Republicans announced today that the Senate would move on … Continued

Together we did it! But the fight isn’t over!

Technical difficulties prevented us from reaching out last week to let you know we were fighting to save the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and celebrating its seventh anniversary as the biggest leap forward for women’s health in a generation. With our system back online, we didn’t want to miss the chance to share our new … Continued

A Repeal = Less coverage, at More Cost. Tell Congress to Protect our Care!

Republican members of Congress met in Philadelphia this week for a pep talk with their new president, and top of the agenda was their plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act and gut women’s access to preventive care without copay, repeal protections against gender discrimination and pre-existing conditions, eliminate Medicaid expansion for millions of low-income … Continued

What Comes Next?

The day after the election the reporter wanted to know: should women be worried? Yes. President-elect Trump enters office having boasted about using his wealth and power to sexually assault women without consequence, and has responded to allegations of assault and rape with a promise to litigate into silence any woman stepping forward or any … Continued

An easy way to make a stance for women’s rights

As we face 2017, we must prepare for everything we’ve worked so hard to accomplish under the Obama Administration to recede or be reversed completely. Trump’s nomination of Rep. Price for Secretary of the Health and Human Services confirms our worst fears — he’s against abortion and federally-funded family planning, as well as the Affordable … Continued

Women’s Health Challenges Ahead in 2017

The gains we’ve made are in jeopardy. In the last six years, over 9 million women have gotten health care coverage; nearly 30 million women now have access to contraception with no co-pays; and 6 million women on Medicare have saved $11 billion on prescription drugs as the donut hole shrank. Women were protected from … Continued