Addyi (flibanserin), the ineffective and dangerous medication marketed as increasing women’s sexual desire is back again, and its manufacturer is more determined than ever to convince women to buy into its false promises.

We’ve seen this all before. The NWHN opposed Addyi’s 2015 FDA approval, and started our campaign urging women to “Pass on the Pink Pill or Pass Out.” Now that Addyi has reemerged, we’re beginning our campaign once again, ready to combat misinformation with science.

Below you’ll see our most recent information on Addyi. Join us and #PassOnThePinkPill


Addyi Health Fact Sheet

What is Addyi? Is it safe to use? Will it make my sex life better? This health fact sheet is for you to learn more about Addyi, it’s uses, and it’s risks.

Sex Drugs for Women: Myths and Marketing Messages

It’s important to know what’s going into your body, especially if its risks include sudden loss of consciousness and dangerously low blood pressure. Learn the myths and the facts surrounding Addyi here.

How can I get an Addyi prescription if my insurance does not cover it?

If you think Addyi is right for you, but it’s not covered by your insurance, you can pay for it out-of-pocket, however, we recommend following all FDA warnings surrounding the drug.

Addyi Update

Addyi, the female “Viagra,” is back on the market, but is it any better than it was three years ago? According to its continued lack of thorough testing, we say no. Read more about the Addyi testing process.

Top 10 Things to Know about Today’s Sex Drive Drugs

What you need to know about Addyi and Vyleesi.