In 2015, the FDA buckled to pressure from a savvy astroturf campaign and approved the female libido drug flibanserin (brand name: Addyi). In response, the National Women’s Health Network launched the “Pass on the Pink Pill – Or Pass Out” campaign to warn women of the marginal benefits and serious side effects of the “pink pill”—complications like dangerously low blood pressure, dizziness, and even sudden loss of consciousness.

The NWHN has issued a report card, Addyi One Year Later: What’s the Score?” The report grades the manufacturer, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, upon careful review of their performance. After one year, we’ve seen a lot of broken promises, studies that were never conducted, and faulty training practices.

Here are our campaign resources:

  • An emergency consumer alert was issued to warn women of the dangers of Addyi. Click here to learn why women should pass on the pink pill.
  • Whether you are thinking of speaking with your doctor about Addyi or interested in learning more about this new drug. Here are the top 10 things to know.
  • For more information about the faulty clinical trials on Addyi, read our fact sheet.
  • Want to know how this bogus drug got on the market? Check out the timeline.

Rather than rely on drug company marketing, NWHN recommends that women educate themselves and pass on the pink pill.

Adverse reactions to Addyi should be reported to the Federal Drug Administration at or call 1-800-FDA-1088.

Photos taken at the Network's 8th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards for Activism in Women's Health event.
Photos taken at the 8th Annual Barbara Seaman Awards for Activism in Women’s Health event.