We all deserve health insurance and the medical care it provides. Expanded Medicaid eligibility remains a critical component of the Affordable Care Act’s plan for ensuring coverage and access to care for low-income people. But, 19 states are still refusing to expand Medicaid, leaving 3 million people — including low-income women, women of color and LGBTQ people — with no path to health care.

CoverourfamiliesRaising Women’s Voices has developed a new Cover Our Families Community Organizing & Advocacy Toolkit to help RWV regional coordinators and allies in non-expansion states to educate and mobilize affected people through house parties and town hall meetings. It is inspired by the hard work of our regional coordinators, some of who have used house parties as an organizing tactic for years.

The Toolkit contains guides, ideas, templates, samples and other practical tools to get the community engaged in efforts to continue building momentum for expanding Medicaid in states that are still resisting. If you have questions about this campaign or to download the Toolkit go to this page.