Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use as a Personal Lubricant

Is coconut oil an acceptable lubricant? I am 78 and experiencing regular dryness.


Coconut oil is an oil extracted from mature coconuts. It is used for a variety of reasons, some of which may seem unconventional, but primarily used for cooking and beauty purposes. A simple internet search will reveal that in addition to these more common uses, some people are turning to coconut oil as a personal lubricant.

One study found that 65 percent of women have used personal lubricant products. It’s important that women are aware of the ingredients in their lubricant because some ingredients may be untested, and their safety is unknown. Natural products could also have untested ingredients.

In the past few years, coconut oil has become a popular choice for a wide variety of beauty uses, and even as a personal lubricant. The safety and effectiveness of coconut oil as a lubricant for sex is unknown because the studies have not been done. Some people might assume that just because a product is natural that it’s also safe, but that is not always the case. Coconut oil is also a chemical that could have potential side effects when used inside the body.

For instance, coconut oil could alter the natural pH of your vagina, which could cause yeast infections. Coconut oil can also degrade latex and lead to unplanned pregnancies and/or STIs, so it’s also very important to note that any oil-based lubricant should not be used with latex condoms.

There is currently no scientific evidence that coconut oil is safe to use as a personal lubricant because the studies have not been done. When choosing a personal lubricant, always check the ingredients so that you are aware of what you’re putting inside your body. If you are experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause, you could try once-a-day products or estrogen vaginal creams in addition to personal lubricants. Before using coconut oil as a personal lubricant, we encourage you to consult with your healthcare provider.

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