Are there ways to treat osteopenia without Fosteum?

I’ve just been diagnosed with osteopenia. The doctor is prescribing Fosteum, a plant-based estrogen. From reading, I found not much testing has been done on this drug. What is the alternative drug and how effective is it and side effects? Fosteum, classed as a “medical food” by the FDA, is often used to treat osteopenia … Continued

DEXA Dilemmas: Clarifying Recommendations for Osteoporosis Screening

By Caila Brander We’ve all seen the ads. Pharmaceutical-sponsored commercials and magazine spreads surround us, talking about the “silent killer” — osteoporosis. They warn us that one in two women will break a bone. That you’ll never know you have osteoporosis until you hear a sickening crack. That the only way to prevent this tragedy … Continued

Osteoporosis: Making Sense of a Diagnosis and Tough Decisions About Treatment

By Caila Brander So, you just got home from the doctor with your DEXA bone density results in hand. You were told you have osteoporosis. Should you start taking medication? Are there things you can do without medication? What information can you trust? Each year, thousands of women are diagnosed with osteoporosis, a condition of … Continued

Osteoporosis: Innovations in Screening and Diagnostics

There is currently only one method used routinely to screen for osteoporosis, the DEXA test (short for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry). The DEXA test attempts to predict which women are at risk of bone fracture based on an assessment of their bone density. But there’s a fundamental problem with this method – bone density is not … Continued

Osteoporosis: Treatment

Osteoporosis treatment has radically changed in a relatively short period. In the early 1990s, women had few treatment options. Now, there are many different types of treatments available. This has created a dilemma for women trying to decide which, if any, of these medications they need. Women want to know when it is appropriate to … Continued

What You Should Know about Tymlos (Abaloparatide) for Osteoporosis

By Caila Brander, NWHN Policy Fellow There’s a new kid in town when it comes to osteoporosis drugs. Meet abaloparatide, brand name Tymlos, which was approved by the FDA on April 28, 2017. If you haven’t heard of it yet, you likely will soon, as manufacturer Radius Health is intent on marketing it until it’s … Continued

Letter to the Editor: Why Some Women are Afraid to Treat Osteoporosis

As a longtime Washington Post subscriber and women’s health advocate, I was disappointed to see “Why some women are afraid to treat osteoporosis” published on your website Tuesday. The author, in an attempt to emphasize the importance of appropriately treating osteoporosis, dismisses the very real and serious risks of bisphosphonate use. Bisphosphonates can be effective in … Continued

To Prevent Fractures are “Scary Bone Drugs” Necessary

Once one is categorized as a high risk for fracture are those scary bone drugs absolutely necessary? I’m small boned so maybe the DEXA scan didn’t consider that. Is it too late to do a rigorous supplement, diet and strength training? I know every case is different but I’m overwhelmed and need an advisor.   … Continued

More Support for Osteoporosis Prevention – Not Osteoporosis Drugs

Bisphosphonate use for prevention has declined in recent years – and that’s a victory!  But we’re concerned that a  recent article in the Wall Street Journal with the misleading title “More Support for Osteoporosis Drugs: The benefits of bisphosphonates outweigh the risks for many patients” (original article here) encourages the overuse of drugs that have … Continued